Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Drink" chiller / cooler vs "Flower" chiller / cooler?

We are planning to buy "Flower" chiller to store fresh cut flowers. But the seller is proposing "Drink" chiller/cooler and said it should be the same.

Will there be any difference?

"Drink" chiller / cooler vs "Flower" chiller / cooler?
My mother owns a flower shop in Alexandria La named Flowers by Stans and she uses an old coca cola cooler to store her fresh cut flowers in.....there really is no difference as long as you keep the temp cold......the only difference is that a flower cooler comes with nothing in it and the drink coolers comes with selfs in it......go with whats more convenient for mother left the top self in so she could lay her orchids and other flowers that didn't have long stems was a win win for her.....also check the price.....don't let them sell you something more expensive if you don't need it!! PS. go on line and see if there is any for sale....maybe cheaper....just a suggestion...hope this helps hugs gomez

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